Welcome to 3rd Stage CALL OF THE WILD COFFEE

To celebrate being invited by The Call Of The Wild Festival to sell coffee at Lincolnshire Showground from 19th-22nd May we have produced a new coffee blend that can be bought directly from us and will be served and sold at the Festival itself

3rd Stage has been picked and blended for everyday use from cafetieres to home brewing stations and works well if you like to add milk.

3rd Stage coffee is grown and picked in the Bajawa region of Flores Island, in the Eastern Sunda Island Archipelago, Indonesia.

The Dead Skull /COTW 3rd Stage coffee is freshly roasted and packed to order.

Available in 250g bags as beans or ground.

Tasting notes

An intensely flavoured coffee with hints of dark chocolate and red berries, underpinned with rich spicy notes. 3rd Stage provides a full-bodied cup with excellent crema and deep smoky aroma.

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