Dead Skull Coffee Sponsor's Total Rock Rock'n'Roll Ponderosa Radio Show

Dead Skull Coffee is incredibly proud to sponsor our good friend Charlie Andrews on Total Rock Radio every Sunday afternoon from 2pm

Set up by radio and rock luminaries Tommy Vance, Tony Wilson, Andy King, David Clouter and Nigel Roberts, RRN started broadcasting in 1997 online from the front room of a DJs house on Briarfield Avenue, Finchley, known as 'The Skullery'.


With a move to the function room of The Kings Head in Fulham, TotalRock began broadcasting on 1251AM in London with a Restricted Service Licence on 29 May 2000,with BBC Radio 1 Friday Rock Show creator Tony Wilson, the legendary ‘Voice Of Metal’ DJ Tommy Vance, CEO Boyd Steemson and the metal guru, journalist and author, Malcolm Dome.

The station produced a series of shows for Sanctuary Music's "Metal-Is" website and in early 2001 TotalRock launched free-to-air digital satellite service. Commercial pressures led to Total Rock losing its satellite licence in 2002, however, the station was already streaming all shows worldwide through its website. This later became the station's sole method of output, and it was voted the world's best online metal station in the Online Metal Awards in 2002.

In 2004, Soho's Denmark Place became the home of TotalRock until Crossrail developments forced a move to the parallel Denmark Street in 2010. With high business rates in the centre of the city, TotalRock looked elsewhere and found a home in Shoreditch, East London, in 2012.

Shortly afterwards in 2013 came the move to the basement of The Cape of Good Hope in Euston. Under new management, the pub was converted to a rock bar and allowed Total Rock to flourish and broaden the brand with club nights and live acoustic gigs.

Return to TotalRock

In January 2014, the station reverted to the Total Rock name, however, only months later misfortune struck and the station was forced to vacate its studios due to the landlord returning the lease. Though currently minus a headquarters, the station continues through remote broadcasting.


RRN was broadcast from the front living room of rock DJ "Skull"; the location was nicknamed "The Skullery".

A pub in South West London, with purpose built studios in the function room upstairs. This venue enabled the TotalFest gigs to be held The first floor area which was the offices of Total Rock, was once where Robert Plant and Jimmy Page used to rehearse.

Initially the studio, library and office were located in one practice room on the first floor of Enterprise Studios, using a section of the studio wall from The Kings Head to sound proof the studio. In early 2005, the office relocated to attic space of 1 Denmark Place and allowed for a second studio.

With the development of the London Crossrail Link, along with the London Astoria, Astoria 2, The Metro, The Ghetto and Sin nightclub, a section of Denmark Place also needed to be demolished. This included both the office and studios of TotalRock, though largely, Enterprise Studios were able to remain until the complete destruction of Denmark Street north in 2015. Studio Sonic practice and recording studios in the basement were also evicted. With this, TotalRock moved to Denmark Street, also known as the British Tin Pan Alley.

In mid-2011, TotalRock once again relocated their entire premises to Rhoda Street just off Brick Lane in East London.

  • 2013-2014, The Cape of Good Hope, Albany Street, Euston, North London

TotalRock next enjoyed a brief six months at the post-war built pub with studios built in the cellar. The premises were newly decorated to a rock bar theme but due to bad trade the landlord returned his lease.

  • Present

The station continues to broadcast with live shows via remote.