Thunder Signature Blend Coffee - on sale Friday 27th August

Thunder Signature Blend Coffee - It's True!

We love coffee, so when Dead Skull Coffee approached us, we jumped up and down at the chance to get together with them and produce our very own signature blend. After a fair bit of tasting and tweaking of blends, we're very pleased with the result. It's pretty full flavoured, and rocks quite hard, but not super strong rocket fuel like others sell. We love it, and hope you will too!

It will be available from Friday August 27th, in bags of beans you can grind, pre-ground if you prefer, or in pods if you don't want the mess.

For those who choose to subscribe to monthly Thunder coffee, there will be a free Thunder album cover coaster (a different cover each month), and a chance to win a Thunder Dead Skull Coffee tee shirt (a different subscriber winner will be picked each month).

We'll post a link to buy on Friday.