Ethical Statement

Fairly Traded - bought and sold in a way that makes certain that the people who produce goods receive a fair price.

We are not part of the Fairtrade Trademark nor do we carry the licence which is why we do not display the official logo - plus it would be wrong of us to do so.
To gain the licence and have the membership to display is a very costly venture - something we did look into when approaching various suppliers and roasters.
The reason we use the term Fairly Traded is explained below and again we researched this so we could put it on the website as we know that our roaster and their bean broker supplier operates on this ethical system which is very important to us.

Fairly-traded refers to products that don't have Fairtrade certification but which state that they have been traded in an ethical manner. Fair-trading refers to Alternative Trading Organisations (ATOs) - sometimes known as 100% fair traded companies - There is no official logo for Fairly Traded although you will see various mock up logo's online we will not display them.

Both Marc and Richie at Dead Skull Coffee Co are dedicated to ensuring you get the best possible experience when purchasing your bags and capsules of coffee. 

We pride ourselves on being straightforward, honest and listening carefully to our Head Roaster who has well over thirty years experience when making our decisions and talking with our customers.

We always make sure our Dead Skull Coffee is of the highest quality and that every bag is the same when leaving the warehouse.

Dead Skull Coffee is always working hard taking advice from our roaster to source the best quality raw beans  using - Brazilian , Colombian Excelso, Guatemalan Huehuetenango and the Sumatra Lingtong G1 triple picked .

As well as the commitment we give to all our customers making sure that they are more than satisfied with their coffee and our service, our core aim is to get more people drinking good tasting coffee - we are assured that with the coffee beans we are buying we are going someway to improving the conditions for the communities and farmers who grow and harvest our coffee beans as you see so many sad stories of them being taken for granted - In some ways We would like to be able to visit the countries and visit the farms one day and witness with our own eyes the full growing,picking process and sale to the market/broker - get involved and share the pictures......

We would like to state that the beans we use are not single estate they are from many farms from the countries stated above and are blended to maintain a consistent taste profile.

We also like our coffee to be as fresh as possible, roasting regularly in small batches every week so we have a managed stock and no waste.

Our Nespresso pods are 100% Compostable either in kitchen waste bins or garden compost facilities.

Our bags are also fully recyclable.