Small Batch Roasted

So you want to know all about Dead Skull Coffee's small batch roasting process then?

What is it about small-batch roasting that produces such a Rockin' Dead Skull cup of coffee? 

First of all, small-batch roasting starts with conscientious sourcing. Dead Skull Coffee Company works with family farms to source their beans so that they can ensure that their practices not only produce a great-tasting cup of coffee but are kind to the environment as well.

We prefer roasting in small batches as it ensures a more consistent roast. Because fewer beans are roasted at one time, our roastmaster can ensure that each bean is roasted evenly. Most small batch roasters favour the more traditional method of drum roasting to improve the flavour of their beans. Drum roasters offer a slower, more gentle roasting process which allows roastmasters to more closely monitor the appearance and aroma of the beans during the roasting process.

Dead Skull's small-batch roasting process means that our beans are able to be enjoyed at their peak freshness: Coffee beans lose flavour, smell and go stale incredibly quickly thus Coffee beans begin to lose freshness immediately after roasting. Tasting a mug of stale coffee is a bit like tasting your first beer or spirit while you pull that yuk that's disgusting face !!. 

When beans go stale, your once perfectly syrupy espresso shot transforms into an under-extracted watery mess. For this reason, it is best to buy only enough beans for one to two weeks at a time. The same logic applies to roasting; if a roaster truly cares about the quality of their product, they roast only as many beans as can be consumed at peak-freshness.

Finally, it just feels good to buy your beans directly from us at Dead Skull knowing how much care and attention has gone into the roasting - packing and delivery - We put as much effort into this as we did during our 30+ year careers whilst touring and making sure the bands and audience were ready for an experience they wouldn't forget - something we hope you will get from our coffee - We love making the coffee and roasting the beans each week because let's face it nothing can compare to the aroma of freshly-roasted beans - From Warehouse to your door - From bag into your mug - From mug to your taste buds - Feel like a Rockstar with every mouthful and fully prepped for your day.